How to Build a Knowledge Base for RFPs & Questionnaires

How to Build an RFP Knowledge Base to Automate Questionnaires

RFP questionnaires are a critical part of the sales process. Without a company knowledge base, they can can be exceptionally difficult to complete. For example, technical questionnaires often refer to product features and capabilities that are not obvious to the sales rep tasked with completing the document. This leads to a chaotic process where the person in charge of the RFP needs to interact with multiple teammates to get answers to these questions. In fact, it can take more than 12 hours just to complete a single 100-question document. Thats why automation is critical, and the foundation is a comprehensive knowledge base as a source of truth.

In this demo we explore how to build an RFP knowledge base to automate questionnaires with 1up.

  • Automate your Best Data Sources
    1up generates a powerful knowledge base consisting of your latest product documentation, webpages, sales assets, security & compliance docs, and previously completed questionnaires.
  • Upload Your Knowledge in Minutes
    Connect 1up to Box, SharePoint, Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more. No need to search for the latest document to respond to a questionnaire. 1up understands your knowledge base and knows where to look for the right answers.
  • Built with Security and Transparency
    1up shows you how answers are generated, what sources get used, and gives you complete control over your data. 1up is built from the ground up by cybersecurity engineers with data integrity and privacy in mind.

Want to automate those painful sales and compliance questionnaires? Try 1up for Free.

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