1up unveils revolutionary Knowledge Automation Platform alongside $2.5 million in funding from 8-Bit Capital, RRE Ventures, Alumni Venture Partners, Italmobiliare, and Aviso Ventures.

Individual investors who also participated include:

  • Sam Clemens, Founder & CEO of Reprise
  • Natalie Diggins, Hands On Technologist and Angel Investor
  • Andrew Peterson & Nick Galbreath, Founders of Signal Sciences

1up automates knowledge for Sales teams. 

Businesses use 1up to answer complex sales questions, respond to customer objections, and quickly complete RFP questionnaires.

At its core, 1up is an enterprise-grade question answering system built with data privacy and accuracy in mind. It combines a company’s external and internal knowledge sources and leverages multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate accurate, up-to-date answers in seconds. 

We’ve had the privilege of working with amazing sales teams in various industries over the past 2 decades. These folks have an incredibly difficult job, and no matter how much training content you provide or how many tools get purchased, sales teams struggle with the pain of getting accurate information when they need it most. 1up makes that pain go away.

– George Avetisov, Founder & CEO of 1up

The questions flowing through 1up on a daily basis depend on sensitive internal knowledge. They cannot be Googled, cannot be asked of an AI, and cannot be easily automated. 

For example:

  • “What’s a good case study of ours I can use to close a banking customer?”
  • “Why did we lose that Fortune 500 deal to our competitor last quarter?”
  • “How do I respond if a customer asks about our SOC2 compliance?”
  • “What docs should I use to deploy our product in Kubernetes?”

These types of answers have historically required a human. 1up enables businesses to automate queries while ensuring accuracy, with guardrails built into the system to prevent “hallucinations” and incorrect answers. Additionally, users can ask 1up questions in bulk, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to fill out lengthy questionnaires.

Generative AI is powerful, but it’s often thought of as a tool for writing copy and creating images. At 1up, we’re interested in how this technology can be used to automate knowledge. We believe there’s a whole new level of productivity that can be unlocked by accelerating the flow of information across the enterprise.

Manoj Abraham, Co-founder & Head of Product at 1up

1up enables businesses to securely connect internal knowledge sources without exposing sensitive data to large language models. This is a key concern for enterprises and has been an obstacle for the business-facing adoption of LLMs. 1up is focused on enabling sales teams to accelerate their internal knowledge without worrying about exposing this data to the world.

1up’s founding team includes early employees of HYPR, a leader in cyber security. Privacy and data security is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA. Before starting 1up, George Avetisov was the founder & CEO at HYPR, where he raised $72 million and led the deployment of passwordless authentication to millions of users.

Accuracy is everything

1up makes AI actually useful for business. Sales and marketing teams can use 1up to ask complex business questions and get accurate answers fast, without AI hallucinations or data privacy risks.

– Jonathan Abrams, co-founder of 8-Bit Capital

About 1up

1up automates Knowledge for Sales teams. Businesses use 1up to answer complex sales questions, respond to customer objections, and quickly complete RFP questionnaires.

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