Sales Enablement AI

Automate Sales Enablement

1up gives your sales team a fast, easy way to answer complex questions about your products directly in Slack & Teams.

Automate Sales Enablement with 1up AI


Sales teams are overwhelmed with information.

Getting reps to say the right thing and stay on message is painful.

When reps don’t have the right answers, they end up distracting your teammates.

Asking reps to log into another bulky dashboard just to get the right information is painful.

1up answers your sales reps’ questions right away.

Add 1up’s Sales Enablement AI to Slack or Teams and get your reps the info they need to win the deal.

Teams Integration

Deliver answers directly in Slack, Teams, & Google Chat

  • Empower your sales teams to respond to any product question in seconds.
  • Ramp reps faster than you can train them with AI-guided selling they’ll actually enjoy using.
  • Arm your team with relevant sales assets they need to win any deal.

Connect your best sales playbooks, guides, and more

  • 1up automatically pulls from your website, Google Drive, Confluence, and any 3rd party sources you choose.
  • Be up and running in minutes without fumbling with knowledge base tools.
  • See trends in what your sales team is asking for and discover what content you’re missing.
Add Knowledge - Learning Your Company

Sales Teams Love 1up

Automating day-to-day sales knowledge can unlock a whole new level of productivity for revenue teams. 1up is a game changer.

Abigail Runner, Sales Operations Leader

Turn your sales reps into product experts

The best teams use 1up to answer complex sales questions,
respond to customer objections, and so much more.

FAQ Critter

How is 1up better than the 500 other enablement tools?

1up is focused on delivering the right answers to tough sales questions in seconds. It’s faster and easier to set up than big, bloated sales tools.

How does 1up keep my content secure?

1up is built from the ground up with enterprise-grade security in mind. Documents uploaded to 1up are never used to train any AI models or shared outside of your workspace, and you retain full control over your data. Your data is isolated to your workspace. It is never shared outside of your organization and is only accessible to you. All data at rest and in transit.

How much does 1up cost?

1up is designed for teams of all sizes. Small and large companies use 1up every day to make their sales reps smarter, faster, and more efficient. Check out our pricing plans.

Does 1up support multiple languages?

Yes, 1up supports dozens of languages and automatically responds to your reps in their preferred language. 1up also proofreads and corrects grammar so all of your sales messaging is pristine.