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How do I respond to a customer asking if we support Microsoft Azure?

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Our plugin provides streamlined integration with Microsoft Office 365, allowing users to onboard with O365, assign licenses to teammates, and manage provisioning and user lifecycles like a pro. We also support AD-joined Windows devices and enable the adoption of OpenID.

Thank you, 1up! That one caught me off guard.

1up Automates Sales Knowledge

Say goodbye to manually filling out RFPs and questionnaires.
1up is a new approach to sales enablement that makes reps faster and more efficient.

How to Automate Sales Questions

1up Turns Sales Reps into Product Experts

You don’t need to wait on your teammates for help. 1up delivers on-demand answers to everything from customer objections to technical product questions.

Automate Sales Knowledge

Answer Sales Questions in Slack, Teams, & GChat

No need to distract your teammates.
With 1up, answers are generated in seconds from an automated knowledge base.

Before 1up

Customers ask you tough questions about how your product works and why it’s better than alternatives. You frantically go through internal resources trying to handle customer objections quickly.

You spend lots of time looking for battlecards, one-pagers, and other sales assets only to find out they are out-of-date or ineffective.

When you have a technical product question, you often need to pull someone in from product or engineering. Searching through documentation can take a while.

Your team struggles with manually saving and sharing useful learnings from customers and partners.

You make an effort to stay current on what companies in your space are saying and doing.

After 1up

Ask 1up how you should respond to a customer and get answers in seconds.

1up gives you the latest talking points you need so you don’t have to dig through folders and look for PowerPoints or PDFs.

1up is constantly learning about your technical documentation so you can get answers to complex product questions without distracting your teammates.

1up automatically saves what you learn in the field to a knowledge base so you can easily find intel when you need it.

1up stays up to date on your industry and competitive landscape so you can be prepared for any sales call quickly.

Fast Intel Leads to Fast Deals

Even the best sales teams can feel overwhelmed with information.
With 1up, answers are generated in seconds from an automated knowledge base.

How to Run the Best Damn Sales Kickoff

SKO is the sales event of the year. And if you do it right, the memories can last a lifetime.

Sales teams often decline to respond to RFPs because they don’t have the capacity. With 1up’s automation we can take on as many opportunities as we want.

Shawn Veitz, Chief Revenue Officer @ Tellenium