Knowledge Automation for Sales Teams

Complete RFPs and Security Questionnaires 10x Faster

1up analyzes all of your company knowledge sources (like your website, Google Drive, or Confluence) and automatically provides a single answer for any question.



Whether you use a knowledge base or a manual process,
getting to a complete response takes forever.

You always have to painstakingly search, read, select, and re-write responses.

These tools don’t pull from external websites, so you’re stuck doing extra research.

If you use a tool’s generated answers, you’re forced to select from static responses that are often out of date.

1up accesses all of your knowledge bases
and delivers a single answer for each
question — at lightning speed

1up gives you one correct answer every time.

Skip the researching and re-writing — 1up automatically generates one best
based on all your internal and external data.

How to Automate RFP Questionnaires with 1up
Automate Security Questionnaires with AI Generated Answers

Answer tough questions about products, security, & compliance

We’ll find the most recent, accurate info and give a new and better answer each time you ask. The more you use 1up, the more the responses improve.

1up pulls info from your Website, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Our world-class knowledge automation system enables us to give you the most complete response on the first try.

Automated Knowledge Base for RFPs and Questionnaires
Sales Enablement AI

Give your sales teams a way to answer reps’ questions right in Slack.

Get your sales reps the info they need with our Slack chatbot that generates an immediate and contextually significant response.

Respond to RFPs and security questionnaires while you relax. 🌙

Trusted by Enterprises
Built by Security Engineers

1up is a SOC2 compliant platform built by former cybersecurity engineers. All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. Users maintain full control and visibility over their data.

Data Security & Privacy

Sales Teams Love 1up

Whether you need to quickly respond to a customer objection or fill out a 100-row questionnaire in minutes – 1up’s ability to automate RFPs with AI is a superpower for any sales team.

Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder at Sevco Security