Knowledge Automation

Knowledge Automation

Save hundreds of hours with automated answers powered by your company’s internal knowledge.

1up Media Kit

Equip your team with lightning-fast answers

Legacy knowledge management tools create more pain than they solve.
Automate your company’s information with 1up to unlock a new level of efficiency.

Automate Technical Answers in Slack

Stop Hunting For Answers, Just Ask 1up

Say goodbye to distractions in chat. 1up answers tough questions using your internal documents.

Onboard and Train Your Team Faster

No need to train new hires. Connect your guides and playbooks to 1up and let users ask anything.

Turn Pain into Productivity

No more searching for the right PDF. 1up arms your team with the right content and answers they need.

Connect Your Best Knowledge Sources

1up learns about your company from sources across the web and combines that knowledge with your favorite training guides, documentation, and enablement content.

Be Up and Running in Minutes

Unlike legacy knowledge management tools, 1up quickly scans your latest data sources to answer complex questions about products, policies, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Company knowledge is never used to train our AI models, so your data always remains safely isolated to your organization.

Automated Knowledge Base

Use 1up in Slack, Teams, & Google Chat

Accurate answers are generated in seconds from an automated knowledge base.
No need to distract your teammates.

Turn Every Employee into an Expert

Automate answers to unlock an unprecedented level of productivity.

Level Up Your Onboarding

1up gives your team on-demand answers to everything from “How do I do X?” to customer objections and even technical product questions.

Spend Less Time Training

No one reads training guides. Replace them with a conversational experience that gives teammates answers when they need them most.

Replace Bulky Knowledge Management Processes

Legacy tools can feel like they create more work than they solve. 1up is a new approach to automating knowledge in a way that’s fast and easy to setup.

1up’s ability to automate knowledge is a superpower for any sales team.

Greg Fitzgerald, Co-Founder at Sevco Security