Knowledge Automation

Knowledge Automation

1up’s AI knowledge management makes sales teams faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Automate Knowledge Management with AI


Customer-facing teams have a tough time
finding the right answers.

When responding to a customer or a questionnaire – searching for answers takes too long.

Asking teammates for help is distracting and slows you down even more.

Traditional knowledge base tools are bloated, difficult to use, and take too long to set up.

1up accesses all of your knowledge sources
and delivers a single answer for any
question — at lightning speed.

Automated RFP Responses with AI

Generate hundreds of answers in minutes using trusted sources

  • 1up quickly generates a powerful knowledge base using your company documents, website, and data sources like Google Drive.
  • Employees then use 1up to answer sales questions, RFPs, and compliance questionnaires 10x faster.
  • You can even add 1up directly to Slack, Teams, or Google Chat to generate answers in seconds.

Sales teams love 1up for its speed and simplicity

  • 1up works out of the box with same-day setup and almost no learning curve.
  • Unlike legacy knowledge base products, 1up combines external and internal knowledge sources
  • 1up automatically refreshes your data sources so you no longer need to worry about stale, out of date knowledge.
Automated Knowledge Base for RFPs and Questionnaires
Data Security & Privacy

Trusted by Enterprises
Built by Security Engineers

1up is a SOC2 certified platform built by former cybersecurity engineers. All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. Users maintain full control and visibility over their data.

Sales Teams Love 1up

Automating day-to-day sales knowledge can unlock a whole new level of productivity for revenue teams. 1up is a game changer.

Abigail Runner, Sales Operations Leader

Choose your use case

Sales teams use 1up to quickly complete RFPs and questionnaires using trusted sources.

Answer complex compliance questionnaires that require 
in-depth product knowledge.

1up gives your customer-facing teams an easy way to get answers to questions in seconds.

Discover why the best sales teams use 1up to automate question answering

FAQ Critter

What knowledge sources can I connect to 1up?

1up analyzes all of your company knowledge sources – including your website, product documentation, Google Drive, Confluence, PDFs, and any other company documents you select.

What document formats does 1up support?

1up can ingest complex documents in Word, Excel, Google Sheet, PDF, and Web-Based questionnaire formats.

What do teams use 1up for?

Businesses of all sizes use 1up to answer sales questions, RFPs, and security questionnaires 10x faster.

Can I use 1up as a company Search Engine?

That’s a great use case, but think of 1up as an automated question answering tool. Wether its a complex technical question or a customer objection, 1up can help your sales team answer questions in seconds.