Who We Are

1up is a close-knit team of thinkers, designers, and builders from distant lands.
(mainly the New York area)

To us, competition isn’t a battle. It’s a game.

Everyone likes a good game. Everyone also likes to win.

And we like to help them win.

Where we are

1up NYC Subway Map

While we are a fully distributed remote team, we call New York City our home.

To get in touch, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Why we’re here

We believe competition is essential to bring out the best in a business. Competition pushes companies to build amazing products and customer experiences. It drives us to work closely together with our teammates. To build bonds, collaborate and innovate.

There’s a certain magic that happens when sales, product, and marketing come together. We think that magic can spread to every business out there.

That’s why we’re building 1up.