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How do I connect to our production environment in python?

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To connect to our prod environment in Python, you can authenticate your account by providing your API token:

hp.Client(token='YOUR_API_TOKEN', endpoint='YOUR_URL')

Here’s a link to the full doc.

Thank you, 1up. I didn’t even know where to find that documentation.

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Before 1up

Your teammates ask you lots of technical product questions. You’re happy to help them but answering repetitive questions can get distracting.

You spend hours filling out long RFPs. The knowledge management tools you’ve tried haven’t really automated this process.

Customers ask you tough questions about how your product works and why it’s better than alternatives. You spend time digging through documentation that could be out of date or obsolete.

You spend time looking for battlecards, one-pagers, and other sales assets only to find out they are out-of-date or ineffective.

After 1up

1up answers your team’s product questions for you so you don’t get pulled away or distracted from work.

1up can generate RFP responses with detailed answers about your product, processes, policies, and so much more.

1up is constantly learning about your technical documentation so you can get answers to complex product questions without searching.

1up gives you the latest talking points you need so you don’t have to dig through folders and look for PowerPoints or PDFs.

Stop Pulling SE’s in Different Directions

Sales Engineers can become overwhelmed with docs, data, and distractions.
With 1up, answers to technical questions are generated in seconds from a powerful knowledge base.

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Tanner Embry, Director of Sales Engineering @ Censys