Security Questionnaire Automation

Automate Security Questionnaires

Speed up your sales process. Respond to compliance questions 10x faster with 1up.

1up Media Kit

Generate Hundreds of Responses in Minutes

1up delivers accurate responses from sources you trust.

Respond to Any Format

Upload Excel, Word Docs, or Google Sheets. 1up can automate questions across multiple types of documents.

Automate your Best Data Sources

1up generates a powerful knowledge base consisting of your latest docs, webpages, and previously completed questionnaires.

Refine and Export Answers with Ease

Control how answers should be formatted and what data sources to use. 1up gives you flexibility at the speed of AI.

Add All Your Knowledge in Minutes

Connect to Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more. No more searching for the latest document to respond to a query – 1up knows where to find the right answers.

Maintain Security and Transparency

See how answers are generated while maintaining full control over your data. 1up is built from the ground up by security engineers. Infosec is in our DNA.

Take the Security Pain Out of the Sales Process

What is Knowledge Automation?

Find out how 1up leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to get the right information, to the teams who need it, as soon as they ask for it.

Responding to technical sales questionnaires is a complex, painful process. It took 5 minutes to see how much of a game changer 1up is.

Tanner Embry, Director of Sales Engineering @ Censys