Security Questionnaire Automation

Security Questionnaire Automation

Speed up your sales process. Respond to compliance questions 10x faster with 1up.

Automate Security Questionnaires with 1up


Whether you use a knowledge base tool or a manual process,
getting to a complete response is painfully slow.

Legacy tools don’t understand your products, which can lead to inaccurate answers.

You always have to painstakingly search, read, select, and re-write responses.

These tools don’t pull from external websites, so you’re stuck doing extra research.

1up gives you one correct answer every time.

1up analyzes your website, security policies, and product documentation
to deliver a single answer for each question — at lightning speed.

Infosec Questionaire

Answer questions about your products & policies in seconds

  • 1up delivers accurate answers using sources you trust. See how responses are generated and exclude sources you don’t want to use.
  • Respond to hundreds of questions without distracting teammates. 
You no longer need to search for answers or wait for help.
  • Complete Excel, Word, and Web-Based Questionnaires in any format.

Trusted by enterprises
Built by security engineers

  • 1up is built from the ground up by cybersecurity engineers. Infosec is in our DNA and we’ve experienced this problem firsthand.
  • Documents uploaded to 1up are never used to train any AI models or shared outside of your workspace.
  • Role-based access control ensures you decide who can review and respond to questionnaires.
SOC2 Compliance
Automated Questionnaire Knowledge Base

Connect all your product and security knowledge in minutes

  • 1up quickly pulls in your website, documentation, and 3rd party data sources such as Google Drive, Confluence, and many more.
  • No more searching for the right documents – 1up knows exactly where to find the latest information for the right answers.
  • Already have a library of content you built up over the years? 
1up makes it easy to migrate from any other knowledge base tool.

Security Teams Love 1up

Responding to technical sales questionnaires is a complex, painful process. It took 5 minutes to see how much of a game changer 1up is.

Tanner Embry, Director of Sales Engineering @ Censys

 Are you working on a questionnaire right now?

FAQ Critter

What questionnaire formats does 1up support?

1up automates answers for Excel, Google Sheets, Word Docs, PDFs, and even web-based questionnaires.

Can I use web documentation?

Yes, this is one of your best sources of knowledge. 1up immediately analyzes all of your 3rd party knowledge bases (like your website, product docs, and support portals) and automatically provides a single answer for each question.

How do I collaborate with my team?

Invite your teammates to review, approve, and edit any responses. RBAC ensures you can control who can view and edit your security questionnaires.

Can I respond to questionnaires in multiple languages?

Yes, 1up supports dozens of languages and automatically generates answers in your preferred language. 1up also proofreads your answers for perfect grammar and spelling – eliminating the need for manual review and ensures accurate, polished responses.

How does 1up prevent hallucinations?

1up is solely focused on understanding your company, products, and processes. It won’t write you a poem. It can’t give you directions to the store. In fact, 1up is not allowed to provide answers unless they come from accurate data source you trust.

How does 1up compare to other security questionnaire tools?

1up is focused on generating hundreds of answers really fast using sources you trust. While there are a ton of great GRC tools out there to help you manage compliance information, Infosec teams choose 1up as their preferred security questionnaire software because of our speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Want to experience it for yourself? Try 1up for free.