Data Security and Privacy

Data Security & Privacy

1up is built from the ground up with enterprise-grade security to ensure you retain full control over your data. Our technology is trusted by leaders across the Software, IT, and Financial Services industries to automate knowledge safely.

SOC2 Compliance

Trusted by Enterprises,
Built by Security Engineers

  • Questions asked of 1up will be logged in your workspace to improve future answers for your organization only.
  • 1up never shares any of your company intelligence with anyone outside your organization.
  • Documents uploaded to 1up are never used to train any AI models or shared outside of your workspace.
  • Your data is isolated to your workspace. It is never shared outside of your organization and is only accessible to you. All data at rest is encrypted using AES-256.
  • 1up customers retain full control of their uploaded data, and may modify or delete it at any time.

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Fun Fact

1up was built by the founding team of HYPR, a leader in Identity Security. User privacy and data security is in our DNA.

George Avetisov,
FAQ Critter

What data sources can I connect to 1up?

1up can analyze any internal and external company knowledge sources you choose. These may include your website, product documentation, 3rd party repositories such as Google Drive, Confluence, and any other company documents you connect.

What document formats does 1up support?

1up can ingest complex documents in Word, Excel, Google Sheet, PDF, and Web-Based questionnaire formats.

How can I trust the answers 1up generates?

1up generates answers using only the information you provide in your knowledge base. This is how 1up ensures answers are generated using accurate sources you trust.

Can I use 1up as a company Search Engine?

Think of 1up as an automated question answering tool. Wether its a complex technical question or a customer objection, 1up can help your sales team answer questions in seconds.

Does 1up proofread documents?

1up automatically proofreads your RFP responses to ensure perfect grammar and spelling – eliminating the need for manual review and ensures accurate, polished responses.