How to Automate SIG Lite Assessments

SIG Lite Automation

SIG Assessments are a Critical Part of the Sales Process

SIG assessments, which stands for Standardized Information Gathering, have become a key component of the sales process in the past few years. No matter how inconvenient, they have undoubtedly helped organizations assess security risks when working with new vendors. This is especially true when it comes to procuring tools and understanding how third party relationships come into play. The SIG assessment also ensures that vendors comply with standards, regulations, and legal requirements.

SIG Lite Best Practices

SIG assessments have matured over the years. A few key practices stand out as maximizing your SIG quality:

  • Keep good documentation to provide clear and concise explanations for your responses.
  • Maintain consistency across your questionnaire responses. This not only makes it easier to read, it also keeps you from worrying about differences in answer quality.
  • Review your SIG knowledge base periodically. Your responses should have clear and up-to-date sources of truth.
  • Involve Subject Matter Experts from product and compliance teams to help you out. This isn’t a one-person job.

This standardized approach to gathering data about vendors has simplified the risk assessment process. And yes, it has led to a noticeable spike in the number of compliance questionnaires that need to be filled out.

That’s why our users rely on 1up for fast and easy SIG automation.

Automating SIG Assessments with Generative AI

In this demo, we demonstrate how to automate SIG lite questionnaires with 1up. The answers are being generated by 1up using an internal knowledge base, which consists of your previous SIG assessments along with security and compliance documentation. With a strong knowledge base 1up is able to quickly automate hundreds of answers using accurate sources.

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