Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term that’s used to describe how familiar consumers are with a brand or its products and services. Those who maintain a high level of brand awareness are likely to generate more sales than those who don’t, as consumers are likely to buy a known product or service over an unknown or unfamiliar one.

As such, brand awareness is fundamentally a measure of how memorable and recognizable a brand identity is to not just its target audience and customers, but consumers in general. Everybody knows Apple, for example, even those who don’t have any of their products.

Building brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that can help brands establish themselves in a market and dominate their competitors by building an automatic preference for their products and services vs. the available alternatives. As such, revenue teams place a greater emphasis on designing marketing strategies that make their brands recognizable, memorable, and trusted to generate sales and long-term customer loyalty.

Brand Awareness Strategies: