Top Down Sales Strategy

A top-down sales strategy is a go-to-market approach which focuses on high-level decision makers within an organization, such as executives or managers. The goal is to secure large deals or contracts and can sometimes involves a shorter sales cycle, as buying decisions are made at a higher level within the organization. Sometimes a top-down approach can lead to lengthy sales cycles if the deal is large enough, especially in enterprise sales.

The top-down approach is often used in B2B selling where a sales rep can leverage their relationship with executive decision makers in order to influence the purchasing decisions of the organization. Once the deal is made at the top level, the salesperson can then work to get the product or service adopted throughout the organization.

Unlike a bottom-up sales approach, you start by approaching the top layer of executives & high-level decision makers, and then you work your way down through the rest of the organization. It is often used for products or services that have a high price tag, implementation time, or that require a significant investment from the organization.