Inside Sales Rep

Inside sales is the process of selling a product or service remotely via phone, email, social media, and other digital channels, as opposed to face-to-face communications. It’s very popular in the B2B space, particularly in tech where many products and services themselves are intangible virtual solutions. It’s the opposite of outside sales, whereby goods and services are sold through physical interactions.

An inside sales representative is therefore any sales professional who uses remote communications methods to sell products and services. It’s a role that came into being when telemarketing kicked off during the 1980s when total business expenditures for telemarketing exceeded the spend on direct-mail advertising for the first time. Inside sales reps are often paid a relatively modest salary that’s shored up by competitive commission and bonus payments in order to encourage high performance.

A Day in the Life: Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales Representative FAQs

What is an inside sales representative? 

An inside sales representative is a sales professional who conducts sales activities remotely, using phone calls, emails, video conferencing, and other digital communication methods to engage with prospects and customers.

What are inside sales reps responsible for? 

Prospecting and qualifying leads, conducting virtual sales presentations and demos, following up with potential customers, closing sales, and maintaining customer relationships through digital interactions.

How do inside sales reps differ from outside sales reps? 

Inside sales representatives focus on remote selling and do not typically travel to meet customers in person, whereas outside sales representatives engage in face-to-face interactions and travel to meet customers at their locations or events.