Automated Question Answering

Automated Question Answering

Tired of answering your teammates’ questions?
Get 1up to do it for you.

Automated Question Answering for Enterprises

Knowledge Management is Painful

1up’s Knowledge Automation is a new way to enable GTM Teams.

AI for Sales Enablement

Answer Repetitive Internal Questions

Whether it’s a technical question or a customer objection, 1up can generate answers about your product, process, and so much more.

Fill Out RFPs and Questionnaires Faster

No more fumbling with legacy knowledge management tools. You can ask 1up questions in bulk.

Ramp Teammates Without Training Them

Upload your team training content to 1up so even the newest hires can get quick answers to difficult questions anytime. You no longer need to train your team manually.

Easily Connect Existing Content

Connect all your favorite sales assets, training materials, how-to-guides, and more. 1up generates a knowledge base so your team no longer needs to manually search for content.

See Gaps in your Team’s Knowledge

See what teammates are asking and what’s missing.
Fill in the blanks and teach 1up new things.
1up gets smarter as you use it.

Be Up and Running in Minutes

No need to spend weeks on setup. 1up’s Knowledge Base works out of the box and gets refreshed on a daily basis.

1up works in Slack & Teams

No need to distract your teammates.
1up’s automated Q&A generates answers in seconds from a powerful knowledge base.

Automate the flow of intelligence across GTM teams.

Sales, Marketing, and Product teams use 1up’s Internal Question Answering to save hours of manual effort.

What is Knowledge Automation?

Find out how 1up leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to get the right information, to the teams who need it, as soon as they ask for it.

Have you ever filled out a 100 question RFP? It takes forever. With 1up, accurate answers get generated automatically in just a fraction of the time.

David Raviv, Findings