Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method used by sales and marketing teams to determine the worthiness of leads (prospects) and identify those that hold the most value. This is achieved by attaching values to leads based on their behavior relating to their interest in a product or service and/or their interactions with a business or brand.

The term “value” in this sense will vary between businesses, but it is generally considered to reflect the level of interest shown or their current position in the sales funnel. Value might also be determined by using information such as a lead’s occupation and their role within an industry, their personal interests, their income, and any relevant demographics. Lead scoring is in CRM software to segment customer lists and sales cadences.

Leads that are scored highly, i.e., those that are an ideal fit for a product or service and have demonstrated a high level of interest, are deemed to be marketing qualified leads and will usually be passed to sales teams. Meanwhile, leads with a lower score might be deemed a good fit and passed to marketing teams for lead nurturing while those with the lowest score are deemed unsuitable and written off.

Lead Scoring Explained: