Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Revenue operations (or ‘RevOps’) is a B2B function that leverages automation to help teams make smarter decisions that grow their organization’s bottom line. RevOps as a function is quickly gaining traction across many industries because it takes responsibility for centralizing previously dispersed or disjointed departments with the goal of increasing their revenue-generating capabilities.  

In essence, RevOps brings departments together—from marketing and customer success to sales and finance—around key shared goals such as pricing for better conversion, reducing revenue leakage, and finding new revenue opportunities by using customer data.

RevOps is important because it keeps sales and finance connected as an organization grows its revenue streams, something which is growing ever more complex as business operations become inherently more complicated and the way B2B organizations generate new revenues continues to change.

Revenue Operations Explained:

Revenue Operations (RevOps) FAQs

What is RevOps? 

Revenue operations leverage automation to align sales, marketing, and customer success teams around shared goals to improve decision-making and optimize revenue generation.  

What are the key goals of RevOps? 

The key goals of revenue operations include improving sales and marketing alignment, streamlining revenue processes, leveraging data and analytics for insights, increasing revenue predictability, and driving overall business growth.

What is the difference between RevOps vs. sales enablement?

RevOps focuses on aligning teams around shared revenue goals whereas sales enablement equips sales teams with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their roles.