Demand generation, also known as demand-gen, is a marketing process that focuses on increasing awareness and demand for a product or service. Its main goal is to generate high-quality leads and transform them into customers.

A robust demand generation program will achieve this goal by producing engaging, high-quality content that covers every touchpoint during a buyer’s journey, from building awareness and growing a brand’s audience all the way through to customer retention.

It can be broken down into four parts:

·         Brand awareness — e.g., social media, public relations, brand identity

·         Inbound marketing — e.g., blogging, SEO, paid advertising, lead generation

·         Sales enablement — e.g., case studies, testimonials, FAQs

·         Customer retention — e.g., customer support, upselling, customer surveys

By following the demand generation process, brands can create and accelerate a predictable flow of leads which sales teams can then focus on converting into customers.

Demand-Generation Explained: