Drip Campaign

A drip campaign — also known as drip marketing and marketing automation — is a marketing strategy that consists of emails that are sent out to prospects over a specified time to entice them to carry out the desired action. Drip campaigns can vary in size. While some may include no more than a few emails, others may go on for weeks at a time.

For example, a drip campaign could be triggered when a new user signs up to a clothing brand’s website. The following emails might then be sent: 

·         Day 0: A welcome email

·         Day 3: An email highlighting the brand’s latest offers

·         Day 5: An email containing a discount code valid for their first order

·         Day 7: An email checking in to offer customer support

The biggest advantage of setting up a drip campaign is that once your copy has been written for each email, the campaign can run automatically.

Drip Marketing Explained: