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What is Smarketing?

“Smarketing”, a portmanteau of the words “sales” and “marketing”, and is used to describe the business strategy whereby sales and marketing teams are integrated or very closely aligned.

What is Smarketing?


Why did you create a Sales Encyclopedia?

At 1up we’ve spent decades working with revenue teams and have met some of the most knowledgable, talented, and hardworking sales professionals. We believe it’s important to make knowledge accessible to everyone in sales, from newly hired BDRs to seasoned Account Executives. That’s why we created this resource to help teams get a better understanding of the vast vocabulary behind business-to-business sales.

How can I submit an entry?

Think we missed something? Send us your suggestions for how to improve the Encyclopedia. While it’s not quite a wiki, we do allow for user-submitted entries. Please email us at with a suggested term and we’ll get it defined & added!

Who would use a sales glossary like this?

Revenue teams are overwhelmed with information. They’re constantly hearing acronyms, technical terms, and industry jargon. “How do I calculate our CAC? What’s the LTV of the biggest customers for our GDPR solution? What does the MarkOps team say about our CPC rates?” To most people, these are meaningless phrases. To the sales industry, they carry a world of meaning.