Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

A product qualified lead (PQL) is a prospect who has used a product or service — i.e., by signing up for a free trial or being a long-time user of a freemium account — and has taken actions that signify a strong likelihood of becoming a paying customer in the future.

PQLs are ideal prospects for sales teams because they have already experienced the value of using a product or tool. Unlike marketing qualified leads, where buying intent is based on factors such as demographics, whitepaper downloads, and webpage visits, PQLs are tied to meaningful actions and value.

For a user to qualify as a PQL, they also need to match a business’s ideal customer profile and take actions that indicate buying intent, such as using the product or service regularly, inviting team members to it, and visiting the pricing page.

What is a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)?
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What is a PQL?

Product Qualified Lead (PQL) FAQs

What is a Product Qualified Lead? 

A product-qualified lead is a lead that has experienced the value of a product through a free trial, freemium model, or other hands-on interaction and has demonstrated a strong likelihood of becoming a paying customer based on their engagement and usage patterns.

How do PQLs differ from Marketing Qualified Leads? 

PQLs are identified based on their direct interaction with the product and evidence of meaningful usage, while MQLs are identified based on marketing engagement criteria, such as downloading content or attending webinars. PQLs typically have a higher intent to purchase due to their firsthand experience with the product.

Why are PQLs important for product-led growth strategies? 

PQLs are important for product-led growth strategies because they represent leads who have already seen the value of the product, making them more likely to convert to paying customers. Focusing on PQLs can lead to more efficient sales processes and higher conversion rates.