Nurture Stream

A nurture stream, or lead nurturing, is a marketing strategy for building a relationship with buyers at every stage of the funnel. Leads who may not be ready to buy a product are put into a nurture stream that allows a product to stay on their radar as they learn more about the solution.

Nurturing involves educating and communicating with a prospect through personalized updates, product news, guides, demonstrations, and more through email and social media channels. 

Lead nurturing often involves some combination of marketing technology and automation to create a multi-step process that can run on its own.

For example, a prospect may receive a sequence of educational emails about a particular use case that’s relevant to their business. Others may be part of multiple drip campaigns that consist of customer case studies, product demos, and testimonials.

A key component of nurture marketing is lead scoring, which determines how qualified a prospect is and what content is appropriate for them. This is achieved by attaching values to leads based on their behavior relating to their interest in a product and delivering content based on those values. 

Example of Lead Nurture tools include:

The Lead Nurturing Process: