Responding to RFP Questionnaires in Multiple Languages

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Multi-lingual Answers

Responding to an RFP Questionnaire is hard enough. What do you do if it’s in another language?

Many of our users at 1up have a global presence. They receive countless sales and compliance questionnaires from customers around the world. When it comes to multi-lingual questionnaires, a few challenges come up:

  • Your documentation might not be in the native language, but your answers should be.
  • You might have teammates who speak the language, but they may not be equipped to respond to a questionnaire.
  • You can use a third party tool to translate your previous RFP responses, but that’s a tedious and time consuming manual process.

With 1up we’re able to harness the power of RFP AI and automation to automatically search, retrieve, and translate answers.

1up Automates Multi-Lingual RFP Responses

When uploading a questionnaire into 1up, you’re able to choose from a variety of languages. 1up can also automatically detect and respond at an individual question level.

The outcome is a faster, more efficient response experience. Instead of digging through documentation and manually translating information, you’re able to focus on reviewing and polishing answers.

Want to respond to questionnaires in multiple languages? Try 1up for Free.

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