How to Build a Security Question Knowledge Base

How to Build a Security Question Knowledge Base

Security Policies are Tribal Knowledge

There’s no other way to put it. The reality is that most businesses do not have an environment where everyone has access to or understands the security policies of the company. If you receive a security questionnaire, you’re probably going to throw it over the wall the the IT/Security team and hope that they respond in a timely manner.

Good luck.

Security teams are overwhelmed these days and from the perspective of the infosec team, questionnaires are often viewed as a distraction. The solution is to combine that tribal knowledge into a centralized repository and make it easy for teammates to automate questionnaires.

How 1up Automates Knowledge for Security Questionnaires

Knowledge bases are not a new concept.

The problem is when it comes to responding to questionnaires, a knowledge base doesn’t go far enough. You always have to painstakingly search, read, and re-write responses. If you use a knowledge base to find previously generated answers, you’re forced to select from static responses that are often out of date.

1up solves this by analyzing all of your knowledge sources – like your website, security policies, and technical documentation – and delivers a single answer for each question. In this demo we show how a security team can combine web-based product docs with internal company documents and security policies.

The result is a powerful security questionnaire knowledge base that can generate answers in seconds without distracting humans. That’s the best part about this – your IT and security team no longer need to manually respond to anything.

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