Automate Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence AI

Enable your sales team to ask anything about your competitors.
1up generates a powerful knowledge base that delivers answers in seconds.

Competitive Intelligence Automation
Automate Competitive Intelligence with AI
1up Ai Bot

I’m in a competitive sale against Gojo. What should I focus on to win the deal?

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Gojo biggest strengths are their enterprise-grade security and experienced leadership. However, customers prefer our user interface, simplified licensing, and deep third-party integrations. Here’s a battlecard you can use.

Competitive Intelligence is Painful

1up makes it easy for Sales teams to get the right talking points they need to win.

How to Automate Competitive Intelligence with 1up
Automate Competitive Enablement

Connect your competitor’s websites, sales assets, and more.

1up learns about your competitors and combines that knowledge with your favorite sales assets, battle cards, and enablement content.

Intelligence is never used to train AI models, so your data always remains safely isolated to your organization.

Drive Knowledge Across Your Organization

How should I respond to this objection?

1up can answer tough questions in seconds, giving your team an unfair advantage over the competition.

You can even observe gaps in your team’s knowledge and teach 1up new things.

Answer Questions About Competitors Directly in Slack and Teams

Use 1up in Slack, Teams, & Google Chat

No need to distract your teammates.
With 1up, answers are generated in seconds from an automated knowledge base.

Turn Every Sales Rep into an Expert on the Competition

Sales teams use 1up to get the right talking points when they need them most.

1up Your Competition

Win more deals with a competitive AI that keeps you 1 step ahead. 1up gives you on-demand answers to everything from customer objections to technical product questions.

Automate Sales Enablement

Tired of telling the sales team to use the same battle card? Connect your favorite assets to 1up and they will be used to answer your sales teams’ questions.

Easily Connect Existing Content

Connect all your favorite sales assets in minutes. 1up generates a powerful knowledge base so your team no longer needs to manually search for content.

Modernize the Battlecard

Replace static battlecards with a powerful knowledge base that’s always kept up to date. Get automated intel right when you need it.

Differentiate Your Messaging

“Give me a 5-liner that outlines why our product is better than the competition.” Ask 1up for help crafting that perfect message you need to win the deal.

Enabling your revenue teams to compete in the field is painful. With 1up you no longer need to train anyone on the competitive landscape. They just ask 1up.

Clarke Patterson, DBT Labs