Sales Engineer

Sales engineers are specialists who focus on selling products that are more complex and technical in nature, primarily to other businesses. They use their technical skills and knowledge to explain and demonstrate the working principles and benefits of their products and services to potential customers, who themselves might be non-technical people.

The nature of their role means that a deep and extensive knowledge of the product’s technical features, functionality, and scientific processes that make the product work is invariably required. A sales engineer works with many teams and often interacts with product, marketing, sales, and customer success managers across an organization.

Aside from the technical aspect, many of the day-to-day duties and functions of a sales engineer’s role is the same as that of a ‘regular’ sales executive. Sales engineers must have the skills to pique a client’s interest in the product or service they’re selling, negotiate a price and sales terms, and successfully close the deal.

Sales Engineering Explained:

Sales Engineer FAQs

What is a sales engineer? 

A sales engineer is a professional who combines technical expertise with sales skills to help companies sell complex products or services, particularly those that require a deep understanding of technical specifications and applications.

What are the key responsibilities of a sales engineer? 

Key responsibilities of a sales engineer include conducting product demonstrations, providing technical support and consultation, customizing solutions to meet customer needs, collaborating with sales and product teams, and helping to close deals by addressing technical questions and concerns.

Why is the role of a sales engineer important in B2B sales? 

In B2B sales, a sales engineer bridges the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring that customers fully understand the product’s capabilities and value, which helps in building trust and driving successful sales outcomes.