Time to Value (TTV)

A customer’s number one priority, no matter the product or service they’re using, is to achieve optimal value from it in the shortest time possible. Time to value (TTV) is therefore a critical metric, and it simply measures the amount of time that it takes a new customer to understand this value.  

TTV is measured from the moment that they made their purchase. The faster that a product or service solves a customer problem or pain point, the lower the TTV. A low average TTV therefore translates to a better customer experience because customers are realizing the value of a product or service sooner.

Achieving a lower TTV essentially involves discovering when and how customers are realizing this value and optimizing the product or service so that the product is more useable, and its value becomes more profound and easily discoverable. This is easier said than done, however.

How to Measure Time to Value (TTV)