“Smarketing”, a portmanteau of the words “sales” and “marketing”, and is used to describe the business strategy whereby sales and marketing teams are integrated or very closely aligned. With smarketing, the objective is for the sales and marketing teams to have a common, integrated approach to promote revenue growth.

The smarketing approach has been shown to improve customer retention rates, boost sales figures, and lead to a better overall customer experience. This is because when sales and marketing teams work closely together, customers receive the right information and communications at the right time. On the flip side, in situations where sales and marketing teams are disjointed—e.g., because marketing teams fail to understand sales goals and sales teams don’t know about upcoming marketing campaigns—it will be a lot harder to pull qualified leads and close sales.

Smarketing can be achieved by creating shared goals, maintaining collaboration, and ensuring frequent and direct communication; it’s an approach that relies upon the cooperation of both teams.

Smarketing Explained: