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Automate Product Marketing with AI

1up helps Product Marketing teams automate sales assets, product messaging, and powerful content that drives revenue.

Our sales team is competing against Initech. What should we say to win the deal?

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Initech has received positive feedback for its security and third party integrations. However, some customers have complained about poor usability, limited support, and pricing increases. We should emphasize our world-class support and reference customers who praised our flexible pricing. Try sharing our Gojo case study with the customer.

Thank you, 1up! We’re going to win this deal.

1up Automates Product Marketing Knowledge

1up automatically generates a marketing knowledge base that anyone can talk to.
Say goodbye to distracting questions from the sales team.

How to Automate Product Marketing Questions

Answer Marketing Questions in Slack, Teams, & GChat

No need to distract your teammates.
With 1up, answers are generated in seconds from an automated knowledge base.

Before 1up

Your teammates come to you with questions about products, features, messaging, and how to reply to customer objections.

You create sales assets or battlecards that rarely get used and are frequently out-of-date.

You analyze features and figure out how your products compare with other companies in your space. You’re looking for strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators that can help your team win more business.

When you have a technical product question, you often need to pull someone in from product or engineering. Searching through documentation can take a while.

You manually track competitor websites, messaging, product news and media across multiple channels.

After 1up

1up answers product questions for you so you don’t get pulled away or distracted from work.

1up answers questions using your latest sales assets and makes it easy for your team to consume the right content.

1up understand how your products compare and overlap with competitors. Empower the sales team by emphasizing your product’s strengths over the competitors’ weaknesses.

1up is always learning about your technical documentation so you can get answers to complex product questions without distracting your teammates.

1up watches demos, reads announcements, and monitors your competitive landscape so you don’t have to.

It’s Like You Cloned Your Product Marketer

Marketing teams use 1up to automate question answering, content analysis, and even competitor monitoring
saving hours of manual effort.

The Survival Guide for Army-of-One Marketers

The Survival Guide for Army-of-One Marketers

Are you feeling under-resourced and over-worked? This survival guide was made for 1-person marketing teams.

Product marketing teams spend a lot of time manually building and distributing content to drive sales. 1up automates that experience.

Clarke Patterson, DBT Labs