What do people like most about our competitor, Initech?

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Initech has received positive feedback for its enterprise-grade security, ease of use, and library of third party integrations. However, some customers have reported limited support and outdated documentation. More recently, product reviews have criticized Initech’s pricing increase as a reason for not renewing their subscription.

Thank you, 1up! I’ll be sure to emphasize our world-class support in our next campaign.


Spend More Time Generating Leads

…and less time worrying about competitors. 1up tracks content, campaigns, and messaging across your landscape so you focus on running a great marketing program.

Before 1up

You need to respond to your teammates’ questions about what talking points they should use and how to reply to customer questions.

You evaluate and compare your messaging with other companies in your space. You search for strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators that can help your team win more business.

You create sales assets or battlecards that rarely get used and are frequently out-of-date.

You manually track competitor websites, messaging, news and media across multiple channels.

You spend time painstakingly analyzing the competitive landscape and strategizing how to improve your position in the market.

After 1up

1up automatically answers your sales teams’ questions about products and competitors so that you don’t have to.

1up shows you how your product and marketing messaging overlaps with other companies. Drill down by topic or product lines and see a clear picture of strengths & weaknesses.

1up ensures your latest sales assets and content are utilized by making them easy for the sales team to consume.

1up automatically tracks companies across all channels and keeps you up to date on everything you need to know.

1up delivers a constantly up-to-date view of your positioning and market landscape.

Product marketing teams spend a lot of time on manually collecting and sharing information. 1up can automate that experience.

Clarke Patterson, DBT Labs