Market Penetration

Market penetration is a key metric that measures how much a product or service is being used by customers in a market compared to the total estimated available market for it—i.e., more customers equals a higher market penetration rate (MPR). Brands can elect to implement various measures to inflate their MPR, including price cuts, acquiring competitors, and introducing new products.

A useful way to assess market penetration is to look at the number of customers who buy your product instead of a competitor’s product. It can also be expressed as a percentage which is calculated by taking current product sale volume and dividing it by the total sale volume of all similar products on the market and multiplying it by 100.

MPR = (No. of Customers / Target Market Size) x 100

It’s important to keep tabs on your market penetration rate to identify any movement up or down. The higher your penetration rate, the more likely your product is to be recognized as the go-to in your market.

Market Penetration Pricing Strategy: