Launch Readiness

Launch readiness, or go-to-market readiness, helps brands determine whether their product or service is ready to launch. Assessing launch readiness is important for all stakeholders involved in product development because it not only helps to determine whether the product is fit for release but also puts everyone on the same page.

To be launch-ready, a product should be developed to the point where it’s useful to its intended target audience and can be used by said audience to solve a problem or challenge. In other words, the product needs to be at a point where it’s going to do what it’s intended to do—at least to some degree.

One of the best ways to determine the launch readiness of a product or service is to put it into the hands of the target audience for testing purposes. These people are ideally suited to provide actionable feedback and unearth any bugs that could be detrimental on release.

Launch Readiness Checklist:

Launch Readiness FAQs

What is launch readiness in sales?

Launch readiness refers to the state of preparedness of a product, sales team, and supporting resources before a product or service launch to ensure a successful penetration of the product’s target market.

What factors contribute to launch readiness?

A variety of factors can make or break a successful product launch, including sales training, competitive analysis, and alignment across departments and revenue teams.

How can businesses assess their launch readiness?

Businesses can use checklists, readiness assessments, pilot programs, and feedback mechanisms to evaluate and improve their launch readiness.