Revenue Operations is about maximizing growth through alignment across people, processes, and technology.

Which means it’s one of the most painful jobs in the company.

RevOps leaders have gone through hell and back over the past few years. They are the unsung heroes of the sales organization. The backbone of the money machine. The adults in the room.

So to honor our esteemed colleagues in the back office, here are 15 of our favorite Revenue Operations memes.

Life in Revops Meme

This is inaccurate. No one in sales operations has taken a vacation since 2019.

Updating Salesforce Meme

If getting yelled at by the Ops team for booking unqualified meetings were a sport, we would take Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Sales Ops Commission Meme

Social Media is full of sales teams complaining about commission… but we have to side with Revops on this one. If there’s anyone in the org who will get the math right, its definitely them.

Sales Ops Question Meme

And we’ll work it for another 84 years if that’s what it takes.

RevOps Recognition Meme

They’re in the background of every deal. Every big quarter. Every QBR and SKO.

Keep Salesforce Updated Meme

Gotta start early. And if you need a children’s book, check out our Big Guide to RevOps.

Salesforce Leads Meme

Is there anything more beautiful than a clean CRM?

Working in RevOps Meme

Honestly we’re not sure we’ve met anyone who has lasted 5 years in the role.

Long Sales Process Meme

Leave it to the Ops team to clean up a convoluted sales process. These folks understand efficiency, so let them do their job.

Salesforce Admin Meme

If you’ve ever been a SalesForce admin you know there aren’t enough coffees or energy drinks to make the experience any better.

Sales Process Meme

Again, you’ll want to let your Revenue Operations leader handle the process.

Salesforce Notes Meme

We’ve all been there.

Forgot to Update Salesforce Meme

Not sure we’ve been here, though.

Outbound Sales Meme

After multiple attempts, they finally answered the phone, threatened my life, and hung up.

It went great.

Salesforce Meme

There’s no such thing as too many SalesForce memes.

Hopefully these gave you a chuckle. For more, check out our library of sales memes.