How to Automate Customer Objection Handling

How to Automate Customer Objection Handling

The Right Response to a Customer Objection Can Make or Break a Sale

Responding fast and being informed is crucial in sales. That means keeping informed and knowledgable about the inner workings of a product is necessary, even if you’re “just a sales rep.” Good objection handling demonstrates a deep understanding of the product or service you’re selling. That can take time and training, as well as access to the right sales assets.

In this demo, we check out how 1up is making objection handling smoother for sales teams by automatically generating answers. Here’s how 1up helps automate responses to tough sales questions:

  • Quick Response Time
    Give 1up the context for the customer question – is the customer asking for more detail, or are they confused about the product? 1up understands context and delivers helpful feedback in seconds.
  • Powerful Knowledge Base
    1up analyzes your webpages, internal sales assets and docs. It’s constantly reading your technical documentation so you can get answers to complex product questions without distracting your teammates.
  • The Latest Sales Messaging
    Sales assets are often scattered, difficult to use, or just out of date. 1up gives you the latest talking points you need so you don’t have to dig through folders and look for PowerPoints or PDFs.

Want to answer your sales team’s questions 10x faster? Try 1up for Free.

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