Sales Kickoff (SKO)

A sales kickoff (SKO) is a periodic event that brings together an organization’s entire sales, marketing, management, and customer service teams to ensure that they are working on the same page. How often SKOs take place depends on the company; some schedule SKOs annually whereas others might choose to hold them per project or per product launch. Generally speaking, all SKOs will:

  • Focus on measurable goals
  • Include the right people
  • Have a solid agenda
  • Cover compelling content
  • Encourage ongoing learning and development

Although SKOs have historically been in-person events, today’s climate means that more and more organizations are opting to hold their SKOs virtually. Regardless of where or how often SKOs are held, they’re a great opportunity for organizations to celebrate their recent wins, set goals for an upcoming year or project, and align sales-critical teams with the goals of the business and make sure they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Sales Kickoff Explained: