Positioning Statement

A positioning statement defines the unique value and target market of a product or service. It is used in sales, marketing, and business strategy to communicate the key benefits of a product or service and how it differentiates from competitors.

A strong positioning statement will contain not only contain information about the product, it will also emphasize the unique benefit and key advantages over other products in the market. Sales and marketing teams use these statements extensively to approach customers and communicate their offering.

It should be noted that a positioning statement is not all that is said about a product and will often serve as a foundation for messaging tailored to a specific buyer persona or ideal customer profile.

A positioning statement will typically include the following elements:

  1. Target market:
    The specific group of customers that the product or service is intended for.
  2. Unique value proposition:
    The specific benefit or advantage that the product or service offers to the target market.
  3. Competition:
    An overview of the main competitors and how the product or service is different.

A very simple formula for writing a positioning statement often used in tech product marketing might look like this:

“For [target audiences] looking for a [product category], our brand provides [unique value proposition] to help you achieve [outcome], unlike [our competition].

How to Write a Powerful Positioning Statement: