Objection Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, as the age-old saying goes, isn’t just a fundamental principle that applies to modern-day healthcare; it also applies to the sales environment.  

It is a much better use of any salesperson’s time to prevent sales objections from occurring rather than attempting to remedy them after they happen. That’s exactly what objection prevention is for: It’s a process in sales that aims to reduce instances of objections from prospects in the sales pipeline so that deals can be closed more efficiently. 

Learning how to prevent objections is a critical skill for any salesperson who wants to close more deals. More often than not, objection prevention it’s simply a case of knowing your prospect well enough so that you’re able to anticipate any issues they might raise. When you can do this, you’re naturally equipped to address any issues or concerns a prospect might raise about your product or service and pivot away from an objection to closing the deal.

Objection Prevention vs Objection Handling: