Monthly Active User MAU

Monthly active users (MAU) is a metric similar to daily active users (DAU) that is used primarily by web-based and other online products and service providers to measure the number of unique users who visit their site or engage with their product or service within a month.  

MAU is a critical key performance indicator that helps businesses operating web-based platforms and services to gauge its general health and future growth potential. It’s also a useful metric for measuring the success and efficacy of certain initiatives such as promotional sales and marketing campaigns.

MAU is particularly important in the social media space because the figures that are reported can have a huge impact on stock prices. As such, particular attention is paid to it by investors operating in the social media space.  

While it’s an important metric, there are no concrete industry standards as to what terms like “active” and “user” mean; platform operators generally use their own definitions. 

Monthly Active Users (DAUs)Explained:

Monthly Active Users (MAU) FAQs

What are Monthly Active Users? 

Monthly Active Users is a metric that measures the number of unique users who engage with a product or service within a given month.

How is MAU calculated? 

MAU is calculated by counting the number of unique users who have interacted with the product or service at least once during the month. This can include logging in, making transactions, or using key features.

How can businesses increase their MAU? 

Businesses can increase their MAU by improving the user experience, regularly adding valuable content or features, engaging with users through effective communication strategies, and addressing user feedback to enhance satisfaction and retention.