GPCTBA (Goals, Plans, Challenges, Triggers, Barriers, and Actions) is a framework used by sales & marketing teams to understand customer behavior. It is often used by marketers to identify the key factors that drive a customer’s decision-making process.

GPCTBA includes the following elements:

  1. Goals: The specific outcome the buyer is trying to achieve.
  2. Plans: The steps that should be taken to achieve that outcome.
  3. Challenges: The obstacles that the customer might face in realizing their goal.
  4. Triggers: The events that initiated this customer’s behavior and interest in your product.
  5. Barriers: The factors that prevent them from achieving their goals. These may include lack of buying authority, insufficient funds, lack of information, or other hurdles.
  6. Actions: The steps that the customer needs to take to overcome barriers and achieve their desired goal.

C&I (Context and Insights) is a related framework used to understand buyer behavior by analyzing the context in which a customer made their decision and using those insights to drive strategy. C&I is focused on understanding how customers interact with products and services in the context of their everyday lives.

A C&I framework might include the following elements:

  1. Context: The customer’s environment, background, demographic, and social interactions that shape their decision-making behavior.
  2. Insights: The deep understanding of the customer’s behavior and motivations that can be gained from analyzing the context.

Both GPCTBA and C&I frameworks are often used together by sales & marketing teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.