Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a process that helps sales teams visualize every engagement that a customer has with a product or service by laying out all touchpoints that a customer may have with a brand. Sales teams can then leverage this visibility to take positive action that shapes the customer’s journey and leads them to a desired result—whether that’s a sale, renewal, social share, or other engagement.

Although the customer journey might seem simple—a customer discovers a product or service and buys it—there can be any number of steps that fall between discovery and sale. Customer journey mapping is therefore designed to put sales teams directly in the minds of customers so that they can better understand where the customer is on their unique sales journey, what their challenges and needs are, and what needs to be done to close the deal. 

This mapping can also be extremely valuable in laying the foundations for making vital changes to products or services, or the overall customer experience. 

How to Map the Customer Journey: