Cross-selling is a sales technique that markets additional products or services to a customer that are related to or complement the purchase of a primary product. If you’re a company that offers a separate product or service that can enhance a customer’s initial purchase, cross-selling can be a powerful opportunity for generating additional revenue. 

A pretty basic example of cross-selling that most of us will have experienced can be found in fast food. Whenever you head to a fast food restaurant and buy a burger, chances are you’ll be offered fries and a drink for extra on the side if you don’t ask for them. That’s cross-selling; those items complement the burger as add-ons to make a full meal. 

Side note: Cross-selling shouldn’t be confused with upselling, which is a sales technique that encourages customers to purchase an upgraded or more premium version of the product or service that they originally intended to buy. 

Cross-Selling Explained: