Competitive Positioning

Competitive positioning is a sales and marketing strategy that can help a brand differentiate its products and services from its main rivals. The primary goal of this is to organically increase sales by making a product or service more appealing to its target market by showing how it’s the best option available.

A brand’s competitive position will depend heavily on how the value of its products or services compares to the value of competitor products and services. As such, brands that wish to leverage competitive positioning to hone their marketability need to put significant effort into first understanding their market using processes such as SWOT analysis and then using their findings to improve what they have to offer.

Gathering competitive research is a key component of understanding a brand’s position in the market. Once competitive positioning is defined, a business will often generate battlecards for their sales and marketing teams. These documents range in complexity and aim to give sales teams a set of tools when going head to head against competitors.

How to Define Competitive Positioning: