Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU)

Bottom-of-funnel (BoFu) is a part of the standard organizational marketing funnel, which is the process through which a potential lead takes their journey from initially becoming aware of a business or brand (i.e., when they “enter” the top of the funnel — ToFu) to becoming qualified leads who are almost ready to take the desired action at the bottom of the funnel. This action might be to subscribe to a newsletter or purchase a subscription.  

BoFu is the final stage in the funnel and refers to content that has been created for the purchasing stage of the buyer journey. At BoFu, a business’s prospects should be well-aware of how their product or service addresses their needs. As a result, BoFu content is generally used to close a sale by emphasizing why a business’s product offering is the best in comparison to its competitors.

One of the most common and effective BoFu actions is the free trial. This gives prospects the opportunity to experience how a product or service solves their problems without having to commit to it. Other BoFu actions might include enticing the lead to sign up to a webinar or offering a product demonstration.

Bottom of Funnel Marketing Explained: