It’s been a rough year for tech stocks.

SaaS multiples are down 75% from 2021 as valuations have taken a hit across the board. Late-stage funding has frozen up while public markets have taken a beating. Seed rounds seem to be largely unaffected but the closer a company is to an IPO, the more difficult it gets to raise new funding.

On the bright side it was a huge year for tech memes 📈📈📈

SaaS valuations may have taken a dive, but the memes have not. In fact we’ve identified an inverse correlation between SaaS multiples and meme quality:

Tech Meme Curve

We call it the Tech Laughter Curve.

It seems that as SaaS multiples get sadder, the industry’s memes get better. Is this a groundbreaking new economic theory? Maybe not. It could just be a large-scale counter reaction to everyone’s bad mood. Either way, the tech sector is inversely correlated with the meme economy.

Shout out to the good folks keeping us all entertained as the industry melts around us.

Here are 22 of our ’22 favorites:


tech stocks are just a big casino

If tech stocks are just a big casino, then 2022 was definitely a crap shoot. @arbitrage.andy


Where are your LinkedIn endorsements

It’s 2022. Throw that diploma in the trash. Where are your LinkedIn endorsements? @sales_feed


Founders in MIA vs Founders in SF

Can any Miami-based founders confirm? @ze_bulgar


Tech Visionary Biopic

They really didn’t need to do Benioff like that. 🤣 @i_work_in_tech


web3 be bussin fam

Andreesen’s It’s time to build has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the Zoomers at @ventureKaepital.


Meta Rebrand as Tik Tok

The biggest rebranding of all time was memed into oblivion. @trung_phan


Adam neumann raises money

Seinfeld saw this coming 30 years ago. @litquidity


Salesforce Admin Meme

It’s been a rough year for sales teams everywhere. But Salesforce is forever. @1up


VC Startups Begging for Help

Burning piles of cash is nothing new, but 2022 was when everyone stopped and stared for a moment. @ventureKaepital


Sales & Marketing Friends

There’s truth to every meme. It’s sad, but we really need sales and marketing to come together. @sales_bant_er


Web3 VC Headshots

To be fair, most VC headshots are some variation of this. @prayingforexits


Google Employee Salary Meme

Draw 250,000. @techicorn_startup


VC Funds 2022 Meme

VC memes are trading at an all-time high. @Pramod_Gosavi


Sales Missed Quota Meme

Naps are good. Naps lead to better sales calls. Sales calls lead to quota. Hitting quota leads to better naps. @theangrysalesperson


VCs funding delivery startups

The only thing bigger than the TAM is the burn rate. @techicorn_startup


Sales Manager Meme

Don’t ever cut your lunch short because of a lousy economy. @1up


FTX Monopoly

Dr. Patel knows what he is talking about. @ParikPatelCFA


Me on LinkedIn vs me on Zoom

If you can’t handle me at my Zoom then you don’t deserve me at my LinkedIn. @sales_feed


Adam Neumann Trade Offer

It was a big year for Adam Neumann memes. And for Adam Neumann. @prayingforexits


SBF Scam Pokemon Card

It was not a big year for Scam Bankman. @arbitrage_andy


Startup Founder Burning Money Meme

This was the year that startups were finally challenged on their spending habits. Then again, running a company is serious business and you NEED to be comfortable. @1up


VCs moving to miami meme

Miami energy again. Can anyone on location please verify? @prayingforexits

And there you have it. Some of the best SaaS memes came to us exactly when we needed them. For more quality OC, check out our library of memes for sales & marketing teams.