Automate Product Knowledge

How to Automate Product Knowledge

How to Automate Product Knowledge

In this demo, we explore how product managers leverage 1up to automate answers to their teammates, aiming for a faster and more efficient internal experience. The goal is to empower GTM teams to access quick and accurate answers without needing direct involvement from a product manager.

How 1up helps teams automate product knowledge:

  • Get Accurate Responses in Seconds
    1up answers product questions for you so you don’t get pulled away or distracted from work.
  • Automated Knowledge Base
    1up generates a powerful knowledge base consisting of your latest product docs, webpages, and sales assets.
  • Powerful Connectors
    Connect to Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more. No more searching for the latest document to respond to a query – 1up knows where to find the right answers.

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