How to Automate Product Knowledge

Build an Automated Product Knowledge Base

Building a Product Knowledge Base is Hard

A product knowledge base is essential for automating answers to questions about your solutions, processes, and compliance controls. It sounds easy enough, right?

The problem is businesses will often have fragmented knowledge stored in different parts of the company. Or worse, subject matter experts who have tribal knowledge that’s unavailable to the rest of the team. This creates a difficult situation when sales reps need to respond to customer questions, especially when it comes to complex products.

Even among development teams, documentation, product messaging, compliance and security policies all live in different areas. This makes it difficult to have a single source of truth for any product-related questions.

Automating Answers to Product Questions is Easy with 1up

In this demo, we explore how 1up uses a product knowledge base to automate answers, creating a faster and more efficient experience. The goal is to empower GTM teams to access quick and accurate answers without distracting someone on the product team.

1up achieves this by connecting all of your disparate knowledge sources. Product documentation, security policies, sales and marketing assets, and even previously completed questionnaires. The result is a fast and easy experience when asking even the most technical questions.

  • Get Accurate Responses in Seconds
    1up answers product questions for you so you don’t get pulled away or distracted from work.
  • Automated Knowledge Base
    1up generates a powerful knowledge base consisting of your latest product docs, webpages, and sales assets.
  • Powerful Connectors
    Connect to Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more. No more searching for the latest document to respond to a query – 1up knows where to find the right answers.

Want to answer your sales team’s questions 10x faster? Try 1up for Free.

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