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1up automatically generates a knowledge base for your products that anyone can talk to. Say goodbye to distracting questions from the sales team.

Our competitor Gojo just launched a new desktop app. How do users install it?

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Users install the Gojo Lite app by downloading the Windows or Mac installer, then entering their API key. This can be obtained by accessing the Gojo admin interface with an account that is able to create API clients and keys. You should remind the sales team that Gojo’s new product is limited to paid-tier accounts and is only available in select regions at this time.

Good to know. Thank you, 1up.

1up Automates Product Knowledge

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Before 1up

You spend time educating teammates and answering questions about products, roadmap, features and differentiation.

You read competitor content, documentation, and guides to better understand their products.

You analyze features and figure out how your products compare with other companies in your space. You’re looking for strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators that can help your team win more business.

You manually create product content that rarely gets used and frequently becomes dated. Your teammates complain about a lack of product knowledge.

You spend time monitoring competitor demos, webinars, product launches, and announcements.

After 1up

1up answers product questions for you so you don’t get pulled away or distracted from work.

1up analyzes your competitors’ content so you don’t have to. Just ask 1up anything you’d like to know.

1up shows you how your products compare and overlap with competitors. Drill down by topic or product lines to see a clear picture of strengths & weaknesses.

1up ensures your latest product intelligence is stored in a knowledge base and makes it easy for sales & marketing teams to consume.

1up is watches demos, reads announcements, and monitors your competitive landscape so you don’t have to.

Make Everyone on Your Team a Product Expert

Product teams use 1up to automate question answering, product analysis, and even fill out RFPs –
saving hours of manual effort.

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Product managers get asked tons of questions. 1up is like an intern that actually knows your product and can answer technical queries for you.

David Mahdi, Transmit Security