Competitive Enablement

Transform Intelligence into Sales Assets

You’ve gathered information about your competition. Great. Now how can you use that data to help your team succeed in the field? Competitor research isn’t enough. It’s not actionable. 

Competitive enablement is the process of transforming Intelligence into Sales Enablement.

Competitive Enablement

How to Drive Analytics Across Your Organization

Did you know that after hiring your tenth employee, someone on the team is regularly checking what your competitors are doing? Every SMB has people who care about the competition. Whether that’s product managers, marketing leaders, or sales reps depends on the context.

Effective Competitive Enablement impacts teams in many different ways:

Product Marketing Teams

Product marketing managers are usually tasked with monitoring your messaging to ensure that you’re standing out amidst all the noise. In fact, a great product marketing manager might even be the de facto ‘Competitor Analyzer’ on your team, responsible for creating battlecards and sales assets that other teams can use in the field. 

Product Comparison Chart

1up enables product marketers to automate competitor analysis and generate sales battlecards. Using 1up, you can track messaging, positioning, and competitor collateral with ease and visualize how your competitors’ messaging evolves over time: 

  • Are they “taking inspiration” from you? 
  • Is their messaging beating yours? 
  • What are they saying on social media?

Great analytics software will reveal all this and more.

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Sales Teams

Sales organizations often find that they either have too much CI or none at all. With the right Competitive Analysis tools, your revenue team can cut through the noise and get insights exactly when they need them. Slack is a great example of how competition can be turned into a conversation.

Slack Competitive Intelligence Plugin

Revenue Operations (RevOps) Teams

Sales operations and enablement teams are tasked with onboarding new hires, and educating new recruits about the competitive landscape can be painful and time-consuming. With a simple competitive dashboard, you can quickly get your reps up to speed on the competitive landscape with real, effective content.

Competitive Landscape Chart

Engineering Teams

We’ve seen it before—engineers having to stop what they’re doing to answer a technical question about the competition. A good CI tool like 1up can prevent this by automating the delivery of responses about competitors so your SEs can focus on what really matters. 

Competitive Insights


How do I know how many competitors I have?

You can’t really figure this out with certainty until you define your criteria for a direct vs an indirect competitor. Once you know who you’re up against, you can begin generating a list of the competition. Although this can be done manually, again, it’s a time-consuming process. An automated competitor discovery tool like 1up can help you quickly identify competitors and monitor them.

How do I get our sales team to use competitive data effectively?

This is where sales enablement truly shines. One mistake we always see is organizations creating content and then handing it out to sales teams in hopes that they’ll use it when the need arises. 

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account that sales is more like a dialogue. It’s a conversation that’s always taking place with the market. It’s important that information be there when it’s needed, and does not require a rep to stop what they’re doing to go looking for it. Making competitive intelligence available in a searchable web app can accelerate the process, and adding functionality such as Slack integration can help sales teams get on-demand intelligence as and when they need it.